The Constitution


1.1 The Body formed by this constitution shall be called “The Paper Gold Medal Association” (“The Association”).

1.2 This Constitution shall subsume the former Constitutions of the Paper Industry Gold Medal Association and shall act as their successor.


2.1. To promote through the award of the Paper Gold Medal (“The Medal” or “The Award”) the paper-based industries, (including but not limited to paper and board manufacture, conversion, packaging, printing, stationery, publishing, equipment, heritage and allied uses), to customers and to society in general by publicly recognising and celebrating individual achievement; and to raise the profile of these industries nationally and internationally.

2.2. Digital and broadcast media do not lie within the scope of the Award.


The Association shall have the following objectives:

3.1. To recognise outstanding contribution by individuals of any nationality or gender, beyond their normal duties, to the paper-based industries in, or affecting, the United Kingdom by the award, annual or otherwise, of the Paper Gold Medal.

3.2. To undertake such social, business or fund-raising activities as the Association may from time to time determine in order to promote contact between its Members and the industry, and to perpetuate the award of the Paper Gold Medal.

3.3. To increase the awareness and profile of the Paper Gold Medal, the paper-based industries and the individual winners of the Award.


Membership shall consist of the following:

4.1. Previous winners of the Medal.

4.2. The Associations and Representative bodies active within the industries, (as defined in Para 2 above), each of whom may nominate one representative as their Member, and

4.3. Media Partners, (to a maximum determined by the Committee from time to time).


5.1. There shall be a Committee of the Association entitled “The Paper Gold Medal Committee”, (The Committee), which shall consist of the following:

5.1.1. Not more than six previous Gold Medal Winners, elected by previous winners at an Annual General Meeting (as in Para 5.6 below), who shall hold office for two years and be eligible for further periods of office. Transitional arrangements shall be made so that the entire number do not fall for re-election in the same year.

5.1.2. Six others drawn from the wider Membership as in Para 4(b) above, and

5.1.3. The Media Partner(s), (as defined in Para 6 below), and

5.1.4. The Committee may, at its discretion, co-opt up to two persons whom it considers will assist the Association to fulfil its Objects and who will serve for one term of two years.

5.2. The Committee shall be responsible for

5.2.1. Supervising and administering the Association.

5.2.2. Ensuring the timely issuance of nomination forms for the Award to all Members.

5.2.3. Selecting the shortlist and winner from the nominations, if deemed fit. Each Member shall have one vote.

5.2.4. The Committee may, at its discretion, constitute an Award Committee, chaired by an independent person of standing within the industries, to consider nominations for the Gold Medal, to hear submissions from Member Associations or Medallists on behalf of a nomination, and, at its discretion, to award the Gold Medal to a meritorious candidate within the structure of Para 8 below. The Award Committee shall comprise the Officers and representatives of the Associations and Media Partner(s) in membership.

5.3. The Committee shall act on behalf of the Association and shall create and operate such bank accounts as it may determine, provided that any such account shall be operated on the signature of two Committee Members or Officers.

5.4. The Committee may, at its discretion, defray necessary expenses for an Officer or Member of the Committee to ensure the proper conduct of the business of the Association. The signature of an Officer shall be sufficient for such expenses.

5.5. The Committee shall elect Officers from the Committee as

5.5.1. Chair, who shall serve for a period of two years.

5.5.2. Vice-Chair, who shall serve for a period of two years and

5.5.3. Secretary/Treasurer, who shall serve for a period of two years.

5.6. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be eligible for a second and final period of office; the Secretary/Treasurer shall be eligible for further periods of office without limit. The Vice-Chair may succeed the Chair in office for up to two further periods of office.

5.7. Transitional arrangements shall be made so that all the Officers do not fall due for election at the same time.

5.8. The Secretary/Treasurer shall:

5.8.1. Be responsible for the operation of the Association

5.8.2. Maintain books of account of its funds

5.8.3. Provision and keep safe the supply of Medals

5.8.4. Ensure the timely calling of meetings and minutes

5.8.5. Supervise and ensure timely communications for the Award Process (as per Para 8 below)

5.8.6. Maintain the Association website

5.8.7. Ensure good communication between Members.

5.8.8. Bring to the immediate attention of the Chairman any matters which may cause concern for the smooth operation of the Gold medal Association


A media partner/s, (as determined in Para 4.3 above), who are recognised as having an influential position within the industry sectors described in Para 2.1 above, shall be invited to support the Gold Medal and be involved with the promotion and public relations for the Gold Medal Award process.


There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Association to which all Members shall be invited, which shall elect Officers and Committee Members as in Para 5.5 above; receive and consider a Financial Statement; and such other business as may be determined.


Those making nominations for the Award shall be reminded that eligible nominees, irrespective of nationality or gender, must have made, or be making, over and above their daily duties, an outstanding contribution to the paper-based industries in or affecting the United Kingdom.

8.1. Nominations are invited from

8.1.1. Individuals and Associations which span the industry as defined in Para 2.1.

8.1.2. Medallist Members of the Association (as defined in Para 4.1 above)

8.1.3. Only one nomination can be made from 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 above.

8.2. The Secretary/Treasurer shall call for nominations not later than 1st November of each year, and nominations shall use the template on the Association Website.

8.3. The closing date for nominations shall be 31st December of each year, unless extended for good reason by the Committee.

8.4. The Committee (or Award Committee as defined in Para 5.1 above) shall meet annually at a convenient time and place and shall, if the nominations are deemed of sufficient merit, make a decision as to the winner of the Gold Medal for that year.

8.5. The Secretary/Treasurer shall advise the winning candidate who must accept the Conditions of Award as in Para 9 below.

8.6. If no candidates are deemed to be of sufficient merit, then no award will be made for that year.


A person nominated under Para 6 above for award of the Gold Medal shall be notified privately by the Secretary/Treasurer or other Officer in the first instance, and for the award to be confirmed shall:

9.1. Agree to his or her nomination, and citation, being made public

9.2. Agree to provide, within 12 months of the award, for publication a Paper on any topic of their choosing.

9.3. Agree to receive the Gold Medal at an appropriate function during the Award Year.

9.4. Agree to become a Member of the Association.


Associations in membership (as in Para 4.2 above) shall be asked to make an annual contribution towards the provision of Medals and the operation of the Association, to be determined by the Committee from time to time. Members and third parties may make voluntary contributions at any time, subject to statutory money laundering checks where necessary.
A major sponsor may also be sought to underpin the continuing finances of the Association.


This Constitution may be amended at an Annual General Meeting (to be held within fourteen months of the preceding Annual General Meeting) or Extraordinary General Meeting (at the latter of which only the requisitioned business shall be dealt with) provided that:

11.1. not less than fourteen days’ notice of proposed amendments has been given in writing to all Members whose addresses are known;

11.2. that amendments are proposed and seconded (those proposed by the Committee not requiring a seconder); and

11.3. that each amendment is approved by a simple majority of those Members attending and voting.

The amended Constitution shall come into effect at the close of the meeting.


12.1. The Association may be wound up in the event of insolvency or lack of support or interest by a resolution of an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting, under the same rules as in Para 8 above, but carried by a two-thirds majority of those Members present and voting.

12.2. If passed, the Officers shall have the duty of closing down the affairs of the Association, and of passing any remaining assets to a charitable body or association with similar objectives as regards the promotion of the paper-based industries as defined in Para 2 above.