2018 – Peter Bower

This year’s recipient of the Paper Industry Gold Medal Award is Peter Bower, an internationally respected paper historian, consultant and forensic paper analyst specialising in the examination and analysis of paper for the purpose of dating, authentication, attribution and usage.

Peter’s clients include museums, galleries, auction houses, dealers, lawyers and papermakers who consult him on a broad range of topics including works of art, forged bank notes and fraudulent business papers. His wide-ranging knowledge and expertise have qualified him to be recognised as an ‘expert’ in all things related to ‘paper’ and have qualified him to provide contributions to popular TV programmes as well as being an expert witness in several high profile court cases.

Peter’s voluntary contributions to the British Paper Industry, especially it’s heritage, have been equally outstanding over an extensive period.  In 1989 he was a co-founder of the British Association of Paper Historians and has been a mainstay ever since, where he currently holds the position of General Editor.  His commitment to BAPH has been extraordinary throughout its 28 years existence. During this time he made 113 contributions to BAPH’s prestigious magazine, ‘The Quarterly’, in addition to being a regular speaker at the association’s annual and seasonal conferences.  Peter freely shares his extensive and very special knowledge with BAPH members and wider international audiences.  In helping to sustain the association, Peter promotes paper and paper media to parts of society that the paper industry would not otherwise reach.

It is entirely appropriate that the 2018 award should go to such a worthy candidate and eminent historian in recognition of his lifetime achievements.