How to Nominate Someone

Nominations are sought from all paper-based industries including, but not limited to, paper and board manufacture, conversion, packaging, printing, stationery, publishing, equipment, heritage and allied uses.

Digital and broadcast media do not lie within the scope of the Award.

Those considering any individual for nomination shall be reminded that eligible nominees, irrespective of nationality or gender, must have made, or be making, over and above their daily duties, an outstanding contribution to the paper-based industries in or affecting the United Kingdom.

Nominations are invited from:

  • Individuals and Associations which span the industry as above
  • Medallist Members of the Association

Only one nomination can be made from any individual, Association or previous medallist.

Provide as much information about the nominee as possible and, in particular, provide specific examples of the nominee’s achievements on behalf of the industry and why you consider them to be a suitable recipient. Supporting documents can be emailed or posted to the Association’s registered address.

Use the nomination template provided on request or using the form which can be downloaded from the Association Website. Download Nomination Form here.


1. The opening date for nominations is the 1st October each year.
2. The closing date for nominations shall be 31st January of each year, unless extended for good reason by the Committee.
3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall advise the winning candidate by the 31st March who must accept the conditions of the Award below:

  • Agree to his or her nomination, and citation, being made public.
  • Agree to provide, within 12 months of the award, for publication a Paper on any topic of their choosing.
  • Agree to receive the Gold Medal at an appropriate function during the Award Year.
  • Agree to become a Member of the Association.

4. If no candidates are deemed to be of sufficient merit, then no award will be made for that year.

If you would like further information, please contact the Honorary Secretary;