Peter Bower

This year’s recipient of the Paper Industry Gold Medal Award is Peter Bower, an internationally respected paper historian, consultant and forensic paper analyst specialising in the examination and analysis of paper for the purpose of dating, authentication, attribution and usage. Peter’s clients include museums, galleries, auction houses, dealers, lawyers and papermakers who consult him on… Continue reading Peter Bower


Martyn Eustace

The award of the Gold Medal to Martyn Eustace recognises his longstanding contribution to the Paper Industry, most notably his work with Two Sides which, since its creation in 2008, has grown into a worldwide initiative which promotes the attractiveness and sustainability of Print and Paper. Martyn’s leadership of the “Two Sides” campaign in the… Continue reading Martyn Eustace


Kevin Dewey

From time to time there are a few outstanding people who work to further the interests of their industry, over and above their duties to any individual company. The Paper Industry, like any other, owes its success to the commitment, effort and skill of these ambassadors and for over thirty years has sought to reward… Continue reading Kevin Dewey


Peter Duxbury

This year’s Paper Industry Gold Medal Award recipient is Peter Duxbury. Peter’s contribution to Papermaking in the UK, spanning a lifelong career cannot be overstated, but more importantly, his contributions have touched upon several key areas within the industry, combining technical and managerial skills, commercial acumen and an almost artisan passion for the science of… Continue reading Peter Duxbury


Michael Clark

Michael retired from full-time employment with M-Real in 2008 but remained active in retirement as Chairman of PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) until December 2009. The award recognises Michael's contribution to the wider industry over many years. Although primarily concerned with the cartonboard market, Michael recognised that the industry needed to… Continue reading Michael Clark


John Clewley

The 2008 Paper Industry Gold Medal, the paper industry's highest honour has been awarded to John Clewley for his comprehensive dedication and commitment to the UK paper industry. During the industry's record retrenchment, consolidation and inward investment he has worked selflessly to maintain a significant UK base for paper technology, fundamental research and recognition of… Continue reading John Clewley


Stephen Mason

Both of Stephen Mason's main employers, Robert Horne Group and trade body, The National Association of Paper Merchants (NAPM), gained from his skill and experience. In his 35 years with Robert Horne he climbed the career ladder from Salesman to Chairman via Branch Manager, Group Sales Director, Group Sales & Marketing Director and Managing Director.… Continue reading Stephen Mason