David Klemz

His citation reads ‘He stands out as an exemplar to present and future generations of industry entrepreneurs. Through his innovation, enterprise, hard work and a passion for industry, David Klemz provides the perfect demonstration of how British paper industry engineering can succeed in very challenging circumstances.’

Commenting on the award, Patrick Shorten noted ‘David Klemz won the award against a strong list of nominations. The deciding factor was his selfless support for the entire industry at the same time as displaying exceptional innovation and enterprise from his small family owned company base. In the 30 years of the Paper Industry Gold Medal, the award has never gone to a winner from a smaller company.’

Peter Ingram, chairman of the Paper Industry Gold Medal Association explains why the trend has changed. ‘David is a man of our times. His contribution, through a micro business, to science and technology, exports, energy conservation and his trade associations is outstanding. Put simply, a country made up of people like David Klemz would be a world beater.’

David Klemz will receive his Paper Industry Gold Medal from the principal guest at the Stationers’ Company’s Charter Dinner at Stationers’ Hall on Tuesday, 9th May 2006.